Art Deco French 'Tree-of-Life' Jabot

I have been involved in the world of gems for as long as I can remember, having been raised in a family whose father, Antonio C. Bonanno, has been called one of the founding fathers of the science of gemology. I began my own business in New York in 1991, creating my own niche in the world of  untreated, colored gemstones and very fine jewels from circa 1910 to 1950.


I travel  to various parts of the world in search of treasure – the fine and rare collectables that make my business such a thrill. I do not carry a huge inventory in terms of quantity, but pride myself in the quality of that which I purchase. I buy and sell natural colored gemstones, mostly corundum (rubies and sapphires [that have not been heated or “filled”]), emeralds (that have no fillings of any kind), occasionally fancy colored diamonds, and any other gem that is an outstanding example of its species, such as untreated red beryl (so called “red emerald”), rare spinels, and such.

Tiffany Art Deco 'Convertible' Brooch

In the arena of collectable jewels, I am always in search of fine art deco jewels, and enjoy having one of a kind pieces, usually signed by such houses as Cartier, Heyman Brothers, Boucheron, Mouboussin, Tiffany, Janesich, Verger Frères, LaCloche, and many more.


The design and workmanship is of the utmost importance, and I buy and sell only pieces that are of exceptional quality. I also deal in “retro” jewels, from the 1940s, and in truly antique (over 100 years old) or modern jewelry if they are set with outstanding gemstones. I am a wholesaler, and do not sell at the retail level. I do not have a store, but operate through my office, furnishing fine pieces to the retailer, dealer, and an occasional collector in various parts of the world.


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