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Kathryn Bonanno was born into gemology - the daughter of Antonio C. Bonanno, the renown gemologist and educator who spent most of his life in his laboratory and school, where he produced thousands of gemologists and contributed to the field of gemology; in fact, a highly prized award is given each year in his name, to an exceptional professional in the field.


Kathryn entered the field professionally in 1978, when she obtained her PG degree (Professional Gemologist). In 1980 she proudly earned her FGA (Fellow of the Gemmological Association of Great Britain), with Distinction – a title awarded to only 10 people worldwide and only to one other American that year.

She loves the science of gemology, and since those early days, has explored many different areas of gemology.


She has worked in some of the finest retail boutiques in Italy, as a diamond grader in Hong Kong, and trading in London; she worked in the jewelry district in New York, as well as heading the jewelry departments for a couple of important international auction houses. She established her own business in 1991, in New York, where she resides, wholesaling fine, untreated gems and unique, signed jewels primarily of the art deco period.


Kathryn has taught gemology, including general courses to the staff of Bulgari in both New York and Beverly Hills. She has lectured to corporate groups, “jewelry camps” and professional organizations such as GIA. She has sold some of the finest gems to retailers like Harry Winston, and royal families such as those in the UAE. She has been the feature story in noteworthy magazines like “W” and “Swiss Style”, with her husband, Osvaldo Patrizzi, and “IncSync”, as well as many trade publications. She has made several television appearances, in both the US and France. GIA’s museum borrowed a magnificent suite from Kathryn when they were touring with an exhibit on Excellence.


Apart from earning her PG and FGA titles, Kathryn is also an Accredited Senior Gemologist and a member of the ICA (International Colored Gemstone Association), Gem-A (Gemmological Association of Great Britain) and AGA (Accredited Gemologists' Association) where she also served as Vice-President for six years. Kathryn is especially honored to have been elected in August, 2015, to the Board of Trustees of the Gemmological Association of Great Britain (Gem-A).  This prestigious organization was founded over 100 years ago and she, along with one other, are the first non-British trustees to be elected in the association's long history.


The most telling of Kathryn’s expertise, though, is in her exquisite collection of gems and jewels. She only acquires exceptionally made, true “period” pieces, primarily from the art deco and retro periods (never any reproductions), or rare, natural gems that have not been treated or enhanced in any way. She is sought by those looking for what no one else has.


She is happily married to Osvaldo Patrizzi. They spend most of their time between the US and Europe, enjoying various sports such as mountain biking and snowboarding, playing classical guitar, and immersing herself in beautiful jewels and watches!










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